Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Lozi boy

You could just write a novel about Lozi boy. Maybe I'll do that, one day or another. In the meantime, it should be added that my man Yosuke doesn't only love sinewaves, old Isuzu busses and sewing-machines (you should have seen the oscillating speck of light when he saw Yoshimi's Brother machine in Nagoya), he also goes kani-hunting (crab-hunting) at dawn whenever he has the time and a river nearby, just for sport.

Le schéma montre 2 sinusoïdes qui
semblent en oposition de phase. Ce qui veut dire qu'à chaque moment l'addition des 2 signaux s'annule.
En conséquence la résultante rouge est erronée.

Un admirateur anonyme....
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