Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Super final

In Superdeluxe, Roppongi

this place kind of feels familiar, now

many people many friends showed up

we performed ok

except for a chaotic and desultory and dull lecture which really didn't suit the non-stop excitement of the last thirty days

Mehdi seemed quite touched when he evoked all the people we met and amazing things we lived along the road, and I guess that says it all despite the cliche and that is enough

highlights of last night - we came back with the first metro at 5, stuck in some bad Italian cafe with some restless matron checking that we weren't lying down on the shabby plastic seats of the restaurant all the time because we really can't afford a taxi from Roppongi to Yahiro - include the MEC session with Ji-Ji+ the Motor Karaoke display loud in the venue after the gigs, making cadavre exquis with Mehdi and Chihiro battling against sleepiness, the "flush sound" in the super advanced pan of the restaurant, Lozi kun making 10 amazing faces in very little time going back home. I just wished I'd had more time and energy to give to our friends who showed up (one special apology to Nao chan, whom I almost couldn't see at all).

Anyway, some pics show make it a more decent experience for you when the other shoboys add to this dull post.

oh and I almost forgot


enjoy your rest of time in japan!
you're all great musicians and activators!

good luck,

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